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(c) Shane Drummond Photography

(c) Shane Drummond Photography

Marie is a Bronx native who grew up the only girl in a family of six. With three brothers, she was introduced to sports at a very early age. Her affinity for athletics catapulted her to an eventual career in professional women’s tackle football. She also represented her country on 2010 US Women’s National Flag Football team.

Marie has spent the majority of her life coaching others in their pursuit of physical fitness and activity. After completing degrees at the University of Virginia (BS in Education/Sports Medicine, 2006) and Queens College (MS in Nutrition and Exercise Science, 2013) Marie began working to increase levels of physical activity among women in her church communities. As an exercise physiologist, Marie believes that a proper diet and healthy, active lifestyle can effectively eliminate countless ailments and diseases. After using exercise science to treat her own symptoms of PTSD, she is committed to creating programming for survivors across the nation and around the world.

In her limited spare time, Marie enjoys making and listening to music, sewing, writing and illustrating, dancing, and travel. She currently plays recreational sports with friends when she is not doing research. Stay tuned for her next project!


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